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About Safelists

Safelists are online *communities* comprised of people who joined them for the specific purpose of advertising spam-free to all other members of the list.  When joining a safelist, you also agree to receive all other members' advertising messages.

All safelists do not perform exactly the same way, however.  Many safelists are simple ad exchanges - "I get to send ads to you and you get to send ads to me." 

Those types of safelists are a not as effective in getting your message seen and your site visited because they don't offer any incentive for members to do so.

But VitalAdViews Safelist is different...

We Guarantee YOUR Ads Will Be Read!

VitalAdViews members WILL view your offer because they receive spendable credits automatically when they visit other members' websites!

When members earn credits, they can send their own ad to as many other members as they have credits (if you have 50 credits, you can send your ad to 50 members). 

Our special safelist script ensures that YOUR site gets guaranteed visitors who stay on your page for a minimum of 20 seconds each!

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VitalAdViews Extra Features


Ad Send Timer - Set your ads to be sent when YOU want them sent with our exclusive 24 hour timer!  That means you only need to login ONCE to set your ads to send throughout the day.


Lottery Links - Each email has a chance of containing a Lottery Link which will win random extra credits.


Bounce Handling - So that you don't waste your time and money on dead accounts, VitalAdViews uses a specialized Bounce Management system which ensures you're mailing to ACTIVE MEMBERS (unlike other lists where members can be inactive for months or even years!).


Vacation Setting - Turn your account off at any time to prevent your inbox from filling up while you're away.


HTML Ads - Get your readers' attention with your choice of fonts, colors, even graphics! (Paid feature only)


FREE List Solos Ads - For our members who want their ads to STAND OUT from the crowd and get viewed FIRST, List Solo Ads are now added FREE to every member (number dependent on membership level) and can be sent to all active members' List email address in text or HTML whenever you wish, even with our exclusive 24 hour timer!  Our List Solo Ads contain EXTRA CREDITS so they are sure to be read first!


Contact Solo Ads - Members and non-members can now purchase a STAND ALONE ad that will be sent to all active members' Contact email address PLUS rotated for a FULL WEEK on our homepage!  (You can even use your free credits to purchase a solo ad!) 

        Unlike other safelists, our solo ads contain NO OTHER ADS BUT
They also contain EXTRA CREDITS - Be sure to read them! 



FREE Credit Solo Ads - Members can now grab a STAND ALONE ad that will be sent to all active members' Contact email address using their credits instead of cash!


Header/Footer Email Ads - Members (and non-members) can now purchase a header or footer ad space in every email our members send out for an entire week!


Extra Advertising Options - VitalAdViews has many advertising options to fit your budget!  You can even use credits to purchase a solo ad!  See how many ways we can help you expose your offers here.


ACTIVE MEMBERS ONLY - No auto-join or submitters are allowed access to our membership!


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You are always on top of things which makes this one of the few programs I make a serious effort to visit regular.

If ever there was a doubt People should know the best Admin is here at VAV I have found none better anywhere else.

Keep up the Great Admin work you do.....


Vital Ad Views is my most favourite Safelist.

In VAV my ads get viewed, my websites git hits and I even get people signing up with me.

Barbie is running a well organized site, with many incentives, contests and one has a great deal of fun.

The solos ads sent are limited, so one does not get too many, and clicking those earn many points which enables me to send more advertisements.

I feel honored to be a member of VAV. My concerns are taken seriously, and I ALWAYS get an answer if I have a question. I recommend everyone to go for an upgrade. This way you can send ads more often and you benefit form other exclusive features.

Konstanze-Mariť Ahlers

In my opinion why I think Vital Ad Views is so GREAT? For starters VAV is a very active list. The admin runs a tight ship! Inactive members are tossed after 90 days of inactivity which is excellent because serious marketers don't want to be wasting there time, money, and efforts on a dead opt-in list.

The list is always fresh, active, and there's always something new happening at VAV!

The new "list solo email ads" was a brilliant addition, I love the tutorials, free advertising options, excellent support, and so much more. What else can I say..except Thank You Barbie!

Ted Lathrop

I love your site - your tutorial is wonderful and has really helped me set up my system well.

My business is really growing and I owe a lot of the success to you and your wonderful tutorial. I plan to order much more advertising with my profits!

Thanks Barbie!

Patti Taylor (pictured with daughter & partner Jennifer)

After being on traffic swarm for almost 9 months I have nothing... but being on Vital Ad Views for about a month has added 100+ sign ups to my list! Keep up the good work...
Just wanted to say your doing an excellent job!!!

Brad Mackenzie

Letting free members buy a solo ad with credits was absolutely brilliant! It's definitely got me looking at the free member ads when I typically only view solo ads.

I can't wait to order one of my own.

Have a fantastic day and thank you for being a step ahead of the competition!

Jennifer Ort

You have done really well with this safelist and I am truly impressed with it. In comparison to many of the other more notable ones... you should be able to blast them out of the water!
Keep up the good work. This deal was certainly hard to turn down. Anyone who does is a fool.

Thanks again!

Adam Bauthues

VAV ads work!


My solo ad ran yesterday and I have new members on my Masters Program list. What great results.

Some are from Croatia, the UK, Australia, and the US.

Thanks for all your help.

Tom Wick

I recently upgraded my free account at Vital Ad Views. This, as far as I'm concerned, is the best safelist site on the internet. I read your info on setting up the safelist, as well as setting up the gmail account. You did an outstanding job.

Thank you for enlightening me on the proper use of safelists.

John Blume

I advertise with a lot of different programs on the internet as I'm sure most people trying to earn a living online must do. I know that when using Vital Ad Views my site will be seen, my ad trackers tell me so.

I know as long as people are seeing my site then people are/will sign up for what I have to offer.

Thanks for doing a Great job with VAV.

Dave Pauley

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