Do Safelists Work?

John Karnish Interview With Barbie Zabel

John says, "I was real excited when I learned that Barbie was willing to do an interview with me. Barbie is truly an expert on safelists. Not only does she own several successful credit based lists, but is one of the top safelist marketers. Her sites are so successful because she is a safelist marketer too. There are many site owners that aren't in the trenches so to speak, but Barbie is out actually using the safelists everyday with great success."

Here are Barbie's answers:

Q - Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

A - I've always been intrigued with money making opportunities. The creation of the internet provided a means to reach more people a lot more effectively than traditional offline MLM, and eliminated the home meetings, the stock piling of inventory, etc...

So I started dabbling in internet marketing about 10 years ago, but really didn't get serious until within the last 7 years. During that time, I've done a lot of experimenting, a lot of failing, and a lot of succeeding.

As I continue to learn and apply, I get better at what I'm doing, my audience reach widens, and my income grows.

Q - Can you tell us about your success with credit based safelist marketing?

A - I've had the typical internet marketing experience that many others have - I tried, floundered, failed and lost a lot of money. At one point, I gave up on the internet and actually took a year or so off. After working outside the home making a pittance for several months, I came back to the internet with the determination to somehow succeed.

The light bulb came on for me when I was listening to an average guy who suddenly hit it big say that the reason he became successful was because he posted no less than 300 ads per day. I certainly wasn't posting that many ads in a day, and in fact, wasn't on any sort of marketing schedule at all - I was just winging it.

So, I gathered all the links I had to tons of free places to advertise, and put them all in one place - in an email I save in a special folder. I categorized them by how often I could post ads to them. I had a section for *Post Once a Week*, a section for *Post Every 3 Days*, a section for *Post Every 2 Days* and a big section for *Post Daily*.

I got that list out DAILY and went down the list, one by one. Clicked the link, posted ads, closed the page & moved onto the next link, over & over. That's when I finally started making a regular income on the internet, and I continue that practice today.


Q - What advice would you give someone who is thinking about credit based safelist marketing and doesn't know how to get started?

A - I would send them straight to the free report I wrote that details how to begin, step by step ==> How to Earn Huge Online Profits Using Free Safelists

Q - What about the person that is struggling with safelist marketing, someone not seeing results? What type of advice would you give him or her?

A - 1. Persistence and consistency are KEYS to attaining successful results. Those who truly want to succeed using safelist marketing need to know that daily discipline is required and that they should spend no less than 2-3 hours a day posting ads (better than an 8 hour J.O.B, right?!).

2. Ads should be short and highlight the main benefits of whatever they're promoting, not features.

For instance, what problem does their product solve? What pain does it alleviate? What will it do for the customer to make their life better? Ads should create curiosity and not try to *sell* - ads should be designed to get the customer to the website only - allow the website itself to do the selling and telling.

Also, adding your name to your ads helps to brand YOU rather than the program or product you're advertising.

3. The ad should send prospects to a short lead capture page, preferably with the seller's name and / or image on it.

If you send a prospect to a long sales page and they don't have the time or interest at the moment to study it, they'll close your page and you've lost a potential sale and customer.

Making your prospect opt in for a free gift or more info builds your list and gives you and your autoresponder message series time to educate, inform, and encourage purchase, all helping to build a relationship with your prospect that may last for years to come whether they buy this particular offer from you or not.

Q - What are some common mistakes that many marketers make and what can they do differently?

A - 1. Often, people tell me they've promoted heavily and when questioned, they've only promoted at a handful of ad sites. That's not heavy promoting. The need to get your ad posting down to a quick "in & out" get-it-done system is required (which happens automatically with daily application), and the ads need to be spread out among many many sites. How many can you fit into a 2-3 hour ad posting day? 20, 40, 60, more... ?

2. I've seen ads that are way too long. People are impatient by nature and need short to-the point info to spark interest and a click. Long ads are too much work and most don't even get read.

3. I've seen subject titles that don't provide benefits. Would you be interested in an email with *You need to read this* or *Please check out this product* as the subject title? I get these all the time! Titles like this provide no incentive for me to even pay attention to it. Put a benefit or alleviate pain in the subject title!

4. I've seen ads that send prospects to a long sales page rather than a short enticing lead capture page. The opportunity to build a list is gone, and so may be the potential customer and sale if they don't have the time to spend on a long sales page at that particular time. Capture your prospects' name and email FIRST, then let the autoresponder message series and webpage tour do the telling and selling.

Q - There is a lot of talk about list building? How important is building your personal list to your success with safelists? Do you think someone could succeed without a list?

A - You WILL build a list as a byproduct of safelist marketing IF you direct your prospects to short lead capture pages from your ads. To me, this is an absolute MUST. When you first start out, you have to rely on the safelist memberships as your customer base, BUT... as your own personal list builds, you have a growing customer base right at your fingertips to promote anything you wish whenever you want.

Over time, you'll make more sales from your own list than any other source - this is your warm market, people you've been building a virtual relationship with. Plus, customers who have purchased from you before most likely will buy again.

You certainly can succeed without owning or building a list, but I do NOT recommend it, as it's a much longer and harder road. A growing list of warm prospects and customers is almost like having a virtual ATM. Just send a sales message to your list, and BINGO, you make money.

My favorite is GetResponse.


Q - How important is ad tracking? What services do you use and recommend? What parts of your ads are important to track?

A - Ad tracking can be important to determine which safelists are effective and which ones are duds. For instance, if you take the time to post an ad to a particular safelist daily for a month, but only got 5 clicks to your lead capture page, you might want to drop that safelist from your routine.

Ad tracking can also tell you which of your subject titles and ads *pull* for you better. For example, if one day you post an ad with subject title *A*, and the next day you post that same ad with subject title *B*, you'll be able to see which title pulls better. You can play with the ad body this way too, keeping in mind that the day of the week and time of day the ad was posted also effects its clickthroughs.

I use SoManyHits to track my safelist hits, as well as to get more traffic to my links and build my list - once started, you can't stop it!


Q - How persistent are you in placing ads and how much of this is related to your success?

A - Using the safelist marketing strategy, this is EXTREMELY important. I place ads DAILY, at least 4-6 days per week. It has EVERYTHING to do with my success. I get emails all the time from people saying they see me *everywhere*. ;-)


Q - Is there anything else you'd like to add that we didn't bring up?

A - While I believe that promoting through free safelists is a great way for any new marketer to begin promoting and will earn that aggressive newbie MANY new subscribers and SALES (and can even replace your J.O.B. depending on their current income level), it is by NO means the "end all" of marketing online. It is only ONE arena, ONE strategy.

The affiliates and entrepreneurs who employ SEVERAL marketing strategies at the same time are the most successful.

My advice is to expand into other paid advertising sources with a percentage of EACH profit.

For example, when I buy into a money making opportunity, I first promote it enough so that my initial investment is returned. Then, I CONTINUE promoting until I am actually in PROFIT.

Next, I put 35-50% of that profit RIGHT BACK into more forms of paid advertising. This action continuously reaches new audiences to your offers and grows your list at the same time.

Please see my tutorial, How to Earn Huge Online Profits Using Free Safelists for free and paid advertising resources.


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