How to Earn Huge Online Profits
Using Free Safelists!

Please Note - The Below is an outline of a marketing strategy for people who have more time than money.

If you are only willing to submit ads to 5 or 10 free places a day --- LEAVE NOW. This strategy WILL NOT create success for you.

People who have more TIME than MONEY to spend on Advertising MUST spend at LEAST 2-3 hours PER DAY on a VERY CONSISTENT basis to start pulling in a predictable income -- then, a percentage of that Income can and should be used to purchase PAID ADVERTISING that can take over or supplement the free or cheap advertising you'll find here.

Hi Members, Subscribers and Fellow Marketers!

I get asked how and where I promote all the time, so I finally put a list together for those that want to add some resources, techniques and a bit more structure & discipline to their own advertising.

This contains a partial list of the places I submit ads to consistently online. You'll find safelists, text ad exchanges and list builders, even social networks... all forms of email marketing to lists of other internet marketers, which is our target market.

NOTE: While there are many other forms of marketing on the net, posting ads to safelists, list builders and text ad exchanges is one of the easiest ways to start out because it has what I consider to be one of the lowest learning curves, and it does still work.

So, this is by no means an exhaustive list and does not cover all forms of marketing. You'll notice that traffic exchanges, classified ad, article marketing, blogging, social networking and more are NOT covered here.

I have found email marketing to be fast and easy for new marketers to pull in new subscribers and sales, so that's what I've concentrated on in this tutorial.

You'll find more methods and tools as you post your ads daily and click for credits, so just add the new ones you find and join to your list & schedule as you go.




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