How to Earn Huge Online Profits
Using Free Safelists!

Basic Marketing Tips

There are a few things that I do consistently that help in my promotions, so I'll list them here and if I think of any more, I'll add them.

1. I'm an upgraded member where I can be. 

My upgrades came one by one gradually, but now I'm upgraded in a lot of the top sites because I have ALWAYS put a portion of my profits back into paid advertising of some sort (like an upgrade somewhere to mail more people more often, or for a solo ad, etc.).

2. I usually use my own lead capture pages rather than the program's.

That brands me as a person and sets me apart from other marketers promoting the same thing, plus it builds my own list rather than just the program owner's list.

When using my own lead capture pages, I can list a program's benefits that are important to me personally, which makes what prospects read more believable and less hypey.

YES, I pay for and use my own autoresponder, my favorite is Getresponse.


3. Use your name and smiling image as part of the signature of your ad to BRAND YOU.

The more familiar people are with your friendly name and face, the more they feel they can trust you.


4. I put a small classified ad of one or two of my marketing sources underneath any main program ad I submit.

It pulls in sign ups and sales too, so is a great source for passive & viral webpage exposure (not to mention another income source which pays me for more advertising!).


5. When posting ads, I do NOTHING ELSE BUT POST ADS.

Surfing, chatting and perusing other things of interest is for some other time. I get in the ad site, paste the ad in, submit it and get out. Then I move onto the next link to repeat.


6. I post ads consistently, even during *slow times*.

Links at many ad sites stay active at least a week, so you may be getting more clicks a day or more after submitting your ads, rather than on the day you post them.


7. IMPORTANT RULE OF THUMB: There are lots of variables, including your sales page, it's auto message drip series, etc, but...

If you are selling a product that costs around $50 or a bit less, the general rule is that you'll get 1 sale from approximately every 100 opt ins you pull in.

If you are selling a product that costs around $100, the general rule is that you'll get 1 sale from approximately every 200 opt ins you pull in.

It's sometimes more, and sometimes less depending on the product, but this is why consistent and daily advertising is a must!




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