How to Earn Huge Online Profits
Using Free Safelists!


Organization and scheduling of your links is going to make your life MUCH easier and there are a few applications online that can help you do so.

However, we're going to start with a very basic set up to get you going in the right direction first since it's totally free. If you wish, you can purchase online helpers along the way as you get into profit.

1. Setting up is the longest part of this process. Give yourself the time necessary to do it the right way so that your ad posting can go smoothly thereafter!If you are easily overwhelmed, just make a goal to get 3-10 joined per day, and before you know it, you'll be done!


2. Put each login link, username & password you join into a text file (look for notepad from your pc start menu) and SAVE it;


3. Click this text file link open, then SAVE it to your desktop as AdPostingSchedule.txt


4. Add each new membership link, username & password in the appropriate spot as you join, and remember to SAVE your file with each addition.


5. To make your links clickable, you may want to save your finished list as an email file stored in a special folder in your inbox. 

Keep a text copy on your desktop too, as you'll want to change the dates, etc. after you finish posting for the day.

Just replace your email file the next day when you post. 
This way, you can go down your list, day by day, clicking the link, submitting your ad, then moving onto the next link over and over quickly.



Below are some tutorials about how to organize your email addresses so that you are not overwhelmed by the 1,000s of emails you'll be getting by joining the safelists, text ad exchanges and list builders on the next page.

1. Introduction | 2. What Are Safelists | 3. Before You Join Any Safelists

4. Joining & Setting Up Your Safelist Email Accounts | 5. Safelist Join & Email Set Up Continued...

6. Clicking For Credits | 7. What To Watch For When Clicking

8. How To Post Ads | 9. Ad Success Tips






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