How to Earn Huge Online Profits
Using Free Safelists!


There is no single traffic source that will supply all the traffic you need.

It's best to have as many of them running as you can fit into your advertising budget.

Also, you cannot rely on only one marketing method to support your business!

Each advertising method should be one of several that supports your overall marketing strategy.

Regardless of the program, product or service, here's an important fact:

The affiliates who are making the most sales are focusing their promotional efforts in multiple directions.




Leased Ad Space

LeasedAdSpace is in part a safelist, but also the only unique one-stop-shop viral marketing and business opportunity platform on the market today.

They pack more value into their free services than the other guys do in their paid platforms. NOBODY can touch them in terms of the value in the services they deliver or the quality of the traffic and visitors they send you!

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Login. In the left column, click ADS and choose My Sites.

Click the Add New Site link, then add your Capture Page link and click the Add New Site button.

**Next (and then only once per month), surf 50 pages and read 5 mails to get UNLIMITED rotation of your site in the surf area without using any credits!

If you wish, you can use your earned credits to receive additional exposure by sending an email ad. That's double the exposure for your time ONCE PER MONTH.






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