How to Earn Huge Online Profits Using Free Safelists!



What Are Safelists?

Safelists are online *communities* comprised of people who joined them for the specific purpose of advertising to all other members of each specific safelist.  By joining, you also agree to receive all other members' advertising messages.

All safelists do not perform exactly the same, however.

1) Some safelists are simple ad exchanges - "I get to send ads to you and you get to send
    ads to me" - without any form of earning credits for reading.

You'll have to make your headlines and ads stand out monstrously on these types of safelists since there is no other incentive to open or click the link inside!

2) Some safelists allow you to earn credits for reading the ads of others online in a
    member area.

3) Some safelists allow you to earn credits for reading the ads of others in your own
    email box


Although you may sign up and use all three kinds, this guide concentrates on the most successful  type - those safelists that send messages directly to your email box and offer credits for clicking the links inside them.


HOT TIP:  Promoting your offers successfully with safelists requires that you join and post to as many as you have the time to handle DAILY. 

You cannot expect to join one safelist to post your ad to and be successful with that promotion. 

But when you spread your messages over many safelists consistently every day, you'll be amazed at how many new prospects opt into your system for more information every week!

HOT TIP #2:  Use a portion of your profits to upgrade your safelist memberships, one by one. You'll be able to post your ads more often to more people with a lot less clicking yourself!

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