How to Earn Huge Online Profits Using Free Safelists!



Before You Join Any Safelists...

Sign up for 2 email addresses to be used specifically for your credit-based safelist activity.

You need 2 reliable email addresses that are used strictly for safelists ONLY. One will be your *CONTACT* email (where the safelist owners email you with important updates, extra credits through solo advertising, etc.),

...and one will be used for the *LIST* only (where you will receive the emails from all other list members).

Exceptions:  You'll notice as you join several safelists that a particular type ask for 2 email addresses as explained above, and another type called *text ad exchanges* or *viral list builders* only ask for one.  If you join one where that is the case, simply use your CONTACT email address to join.

These email boxes will receive a lot of email, so please open two new email accounts that are dedicated especially to your safelist activity.


NOTE:  The directions on these pages refer to free Google email accounts because they have been found to be the most reliable to date.

As you begin to join free safelists, you will notice that many of them will not allow you to join using yahoo, aol, hotmail, juno, netscape, netzero, inbox, comcast and a host of others, for GOOD REASON. 

These email providers typically bounce or totally block safelist verification emails as well as list messages from other members.

Use Gmail!  It's not 100% trouble free (nothing on the internet is), but it's darn close! 

Everyone I've spoken with who had email problems using other providers ELIMINATED those frustrations when they switched their safelist contact and list email addies to Gmail.

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