How to Earn Huge Online Profits Using Free Safelists!



Joining & Setting Up Your Safelist Email Accounts

IMPORTANT:  When you arrive on the main page of each safelist you join, click around on a few of its buttons and links to get to know it.  Compare the safelist's membership levels and take note of how often free members can mail to the list. Many sites give free pro upgrades, so pay attention!

SAVE those details and all other pertinent information like the login link, your username, password and your affiliate link to a special "My Safelists" file on your desktop (or other easily remembered folder) as you go along.


A. JOIN your FIRST safelist, EuropeanSafelist.

The instructions below highlight the domain name as the safelist example, but its mailing capabilities have been retired, therefore I'm sending you through EuropeanSafelist since the join process is pretty much the same.

(You can reach subsequent safelists by visiting its Viral Downline Builder button after login.)

During the sign up process, you'll be asked what your CONTACT email address is and also what your LIST email address is. Be careful here and keep them straight! 

Use the same list email address for each safelist you join.  Likewise, use the same contact email address for each safelist you join.


B. Most safelists require you to verify both your list and contact addresses. So, once you have signed up for the first safelist, login to your CONTACT email address Gmail account.

Open the confirmation email message you received from the safelist and click the link inside it to verify your email.

(If you didn't get the confirmation email yet, login to the safelist you just joined, go to its Account Info page, and click to RESEND them.)

Leave this email open for the next step.



When you market online using safelists, you will get a TON of email. 

So, we are now going to give your Gmail account some instructions so that it will label and filter specific emails from specific lists and place them in their own little sections, not just all scattered by the hundreds or thousands in your inbox. 

When you need to earn credits to send your own ads through a particular list, this organization will allow you to quickly find all the emails with credit links in them from that specific list!


  1. Look at the open email you have in front of you. Click open the drop-down menu (see red arrow below) and choose the command, Filter messages like this.



  1. The Filter messages like this command will open a box like the one you see below...



  1. In the "From" field, if the first half of the email address is the word bounce, delete that portion and simply leave the last half (as you see below where the first red arrow is pointing). Then click the Create filter with this search link (see second red arrow). 

This action will make sure you will get ALL important messages from the safelist to your CONTACT email address, including those from support, admin, etc.



  1. On the next page that pops open, check the Skip the Inbox, Apply the label, and Never send it to Spam options (see red arrows).

    At the Apply the label option, click Choose label... for the drop-down box to open.



  1. The drop-down box will open for you to type in the name of the safelist (if it's VitalAdViews, type that in ... If it's GlobalSafelist, type that in, etc.).  Click the Create button.



  1. Check off the box to Also apply filter to matching conversations, then click the Create Filter button towards the bottom of the page.


All contact email messages from that safelist will now be directed toward the new label you created with the same name. You'll see your new label in your Gmail account in the left column in the Labels section.

Whenever you want to click for credits on that list or read the safelist admin's special alerts & updates, go to this folder.


  1. Delete the verification email and log out.

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