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Clicking For Credits Prep

Log into both your safelist email accounts every day (or as needed) to click credit links.

Generally, the credits you'll click from your CONTACT email account will earn far more credits with each click than the LIST emails, so be sure to click them first!

You don't have to click on every email that comes through with a credit link. You can choose to click on just enough so that you can post an ad to a specific safelist for that particular day.


Before clicking, delete all the emails that are too old, where their credits have expired. Usually, if they're older than 5-7 days, their credit links won't work, so clear your work space and get rid of them. Here's how...

  1. Login to one of your safelist Gmail accounts.
  2. Click on the search box arrow to open its drop-down box.



  1. Make sure All Mail is chosen in the drop-down box right under Search (see first red arrow).
  2. To be able to grab ALL mail, even when months old, click the Date within drop-down box (see second red arrow) and choose 1 year.
  3. If you want to keep the last 7 days worth of emails, type the date of ONE YEAR AND ONE WEEK AGO.

    For example, if today is 1/20/12, then you would type in 1/13/11.... which is one year and one week ago from today's date.

    If you just want to keep the last 5 days worth of emails, type the date of ONE YEAR AND 5 DAYS AGO.

    For example, if today is 1/20/12, then you would type in 1/15/11.... which is one year and 5 days ago from today's date.

  4. Click the Search button (see third red arrow).



  1. Check off the little box above your email list (see the first red arrow below).  That action will *select* all mail on this page.

  2. Then click the Select all conversations that match this search link (see 2nd red arrow).  This action will *select* ALL pages of emails that match what you searched for.



  1. At the second red arrow, notice that all conversations are now selected, not just the first page of them.

  2. To dump all these emails in the trash, click the Trash can button (see first red arrow).

  3. Now, only the last 5 or 7 days worth of emails is left in your folders (or as gmail calls them - labels) ready to click for credits.



Clicking For Credits


  1. Find the label/folder of the safelist you're working with in the left column and click it to open that section.
  2. At the top right of that particular section, you'll notice that Gmail tells you how many messages you have stored there.  Click on the far right arrow until you get to the last page, which are your oldest emails.



  1. Start at the very last email at the bottom of the page and work your way up.  Here's how...

  1. Click to open the last email on the page.
  2. RIGHT-click on the "credit link" and choose Open in New Tab. The webpage pops up behind and beside the open email page, so you don't see it or even look at it during this activity. Keep your attention focused on your email account, not the open pages.

    If you wish, you can configure your Internet Explorer 7.0 or Firefox browser to open links in new tabs instead of new windows, which would eliminate the need to right-click and choose *open in new tab* -  Internet Explorer  |  Mozilla Firefox
  3. Delete the email.
  4. Open the next email from the bottom of the page & repeat, and so on.
  5. When you have approx. 10-20 or so extra tabs open, close them all.
  6. Start the process over again.
You'll find that you develop your own rhythm and efficiency as you put this process into practice.

NOTE: Credits are pretty cheap to buy, so you may want to combine both clicking for credits plus buying them to cut down on your clicking time.


  1. When you are done clicking for credits from this gmail account, empty your trash. Here's how...

  1. Click the Trash link in the left column.



  1. Click the Empty Trash now link that is right above all your emails.



  1. If you have any messages in your Spam area, follow the same procedure as you did with Trash, but with the Spam link in the left column.

  2. Logout of your gmail account.


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