How to Earn Huge Online Profits Using Free Safelists!



How to Create Emotionally Compelling Ads

Good Advertising = More Money!

Make sure to peruse your program's site and splash pages for the benefits that stand out to you. Mix and match your favorite phrases into paragraphs of your own to create unique shorter or longer ads.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow...

Your ads must arouse curiosity and greed, expose pain, plus offer a beautiful solution to your prospects' current problems or situations.

Many times people stray from these basic principles in online sales. Big mistake - they work!

Don't tell the whole story in your ad. The ad must be written to get the prospect to the capture page, then the capture page must make them curious enough to enter their name and email for more information.

Next, the tour, corporate site, and your follow up must cater to the solution they are seeking. When you follow these guidelines, YOU WILL MAKE SALES.

For more ideas on ad headlines and body, look over your product / service /opportunity website and take notes. You'll be able to come up with several different types of ads and subject titles that you can word in hundreds of ways.

Your ads should stress the main BENEFITS to your potential members/customers:

  • How would your product/service/program ENHANCE their lifestyle?

  • What problems do they have now that your product/service/program would solve?

  • What pain are they experiencing now that your product/service/program would take away?

  • How are they suffering now and how could your product/service/program end that suffering?

  • What specific aspects about your program hooked YOU?

Spend time taking all your notes and ideas and putting them into the form of short headlines and ads.

Typically, subject titles should be 40 - 60 characters, and the ads themselves will be from 3 - 5 lines at 40 - 60 characters each for classifieds, 10 - 20 lines or more for solo ads. You can go here to easily and quickly count the number of characters in your ads to get them just right.


Follow These Guidelines For Safelist Ad Posting Success

  1. When possible, send your ad in HTML.

    Enhanced, bolded, and colored text is pleasing to the eye and draws the reader *in*, especially when most of the other emails they're seeing are boring black and white plain text.

    Click here for a visual editor

  2. Brand each email ad with your name and photo if you have one online (get one if you don't - you can upload one to

    People like to buy from people they know (or recognize). Once they start seeing your name and face all over the place, they'll assume that you must be successful and want to do business with YOU instead of all the nameless and faceless advertisers selling the same thing.

    Remember to use this same idea in blogs, forums, traffic exchanges, solo ads, and your email signature files, too!  The more you get yourself out there, the more people will associate you with internet marketing success, and the more likely your prospect will be paying YOU rather than someone else.

  3. Track your ads!

    When I want to track, I use SoManyHits because it builds my list and gets more traffic to my links automatically just by using it - once you get it started, it can't stop! 

  4. 2 schools of thought... Both work, but one may work better for you personally.

    a. Rotate your ads and subject titles to each safelist you advertise to every day.

    Avoid using the same ad and title for each safelist, even if the product is the same. You want each of your ads opened (for an extra opportunity to make a sale plus for branding purposes), and you don't want people thinking, "Oh, I saw that one already on my other list, so I'll skip it."

    b. Repetition (like radio and television commercials)

    Post the same ad with the same subject title to all safelists for several days. Then switch it up. This will give you a good broad spectrum test of your ads and headlines so you can continue to tweak them for best results.

  5. Instead of trying to get your prospect to purchase something right away, have your credit link land them on a short lead capture page that offers a valuable product or information in exchange for their name and email address. That way, you can build a relationship with them over time and sell to them over and over again.

    I use GetResponse for lead capture pages that build my list.

  6. Post ads as often as you can as regularly as you can.

    Persistence and Consistency are the MOST IMPORTANT  keys to your success!

  7. No matter what you are promoting, once you start pulling in some sales, REINVEST at least 30% to 50% of your profits into some sort of PAID ADVERTISING.

    Safelists offer a wide range of extra advertising --
    -in and on their website itself,
    -on the header and footer of the messages sent through it,
    -as solo email advertising,
    -plus membership upgrades to reach more prospects faster.

    Investigate your favorite safelists for their particular specials!

    When you reinvest a portion of your profits into paid advertising regularly, your results (and PROFITS!) will increase exponentially!


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